Choosing Waterfall or Go for AgilePM?, that’s the question.

Choosing Waterfall or Go for AgilePM?, that’s the question. Join nThen on this APMG expert event on AgilePM Live Monday 3rd April 08:00h (or view the recording when you have time for it) A panel of experts wil answer all of your questions regarding this topic. Click the link below and add your own personal … Read more..

MoR 4 Edition Training Courses

Happy to add MoR 4 to the list of Best Practices training portfolio. As one of the first ATO’s we are also able to help you with the latest in Risk Management. MoR 4 has a special focus on People and a ‘new’ process model which includes contingency and continues improvement. Step 1 is Define context … Read more..

MSP 5th Edition Training courses

Of course we are ATO for MSP 5th Edition, we are official reviewer and are mentioned in the MSP book. We are pleased to see the extra attention for decision-making and Risks, Design and Knowledge in the themes. Plus the change in the Programma Lifecycle with extra attention for Design the Outcomes, Stakeholder Engagement and … Read more..

PRINCE2 AGILE Foundation Pilot

Before the summer holidays nThen! and AXELOS want to organise a PRINCE2 AGILE Foundation Pilot to introduce this new standard to the Dutch market. Click here for more information about the pilot. If you are interested, feel free to contact us: or 06-2952 5622.    

GCHQ-Certified Cyber Incident Planning & Response

GCHQ-Certified Cyber Incident Planning & Response Is your organisation prepared to respond to a data breach? Is your organisation ready to deal with regulators after a data breach? Are you able to comply with GDPR breach notification requirements? Are you able to measure your organisation’s breach readiness? This course will enable you to prepare a defined and managed … Read more..